Casca is a technology-enabled premium footwear brand, that leverages custom-made 3D-printed insoles and patented support structure design, producing a supportive, stylish, everyday shoe unlike any other found today.


Sevaro is stroke and neurology focused telehealth provider that is changing how hospitals around the world deliver timely and adequate care. 

Greyscale AI are experts in the design and manufacture of cutting edge inspections systems for food, pharmaceutical, and other product packaging. Greyscale AI offers advanced technology to inspect the seals of pouches, bags and rigid containers.


Joby Aviation Inc is a transportation company developing an all-electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft which it intends to operate as part of a fast, quiet, and convenient air taxi service. The Company listed on the NYSE in August 2021.

Doma uses predictive analytics and machine intelligence to make residential real estate simple and efficient. The Company’s products include instant title insurance underwriting and remote closings. As one of the nation's largest Title & Settlement providers, Doma is leveraging new technologies to revolutionize an archaic market ripe for disruption. The Company listed on the NYSE in July 2021.


Shape Security protects global banks, airlines, retailers and government agencies against automated and imitation attacks, which often employ bots to break into networks using stolen or reused credentials. Shape uses artificial intelligence to discern bots from ordinary users to halt attempted automated logins in real time. Shape Security acquired by F5 Networks for $1B in December 2020. 


SonderMind is a digital health marketplaces designed to make therapy more approachable, accessible, and utilized.With a rapidly growing network of over 400 licensed therapists, SonderMind’s redesign is providing unparalleled access for individuals, while also connecting the dots for organizations focused on reducing population health costs and improving overall wellness.